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This section of the site is currently under development in alphabetical order - to date pages covering surnames starting with the following letters have been developed:
  The aim of this section is to include those single surname web sites that contain useful genealogical information (family trees, indexes to family births marriages and deaths, notes on the origin of the family name, etc.). Sites that contain only limited information or restrict access to registered members only are not included. If you are aware of a site not listed that you think should be within the alphabetical order developed so far, please let us know.
  Web sites which focus on a specific surname can be a very useful source of information when researching your family tree. They come in all shapes and sizes ranging from large comprehensive sites operated by one name societies with hundreds of members to relatively small sites operated by enthusiasts focusing on their particular family branch of a surname. A significant proportion of the surnames are registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies which provides contact details for the Guild member handling queries on that particular surname. However many surnames are not registered with the Guild and for these, the contacts shown on the relevant web site can be a very helpful starting point. As with the rest of this site, the scope is limited to surnames with strong connections to England and/or Wales.
  Another site well worth a visit is the National Family Name Profiling site which allows you to check out the geographical distribution of any surname within England and Wales (plus Scotland but not Ireland) in 1881 and again in 1998. It also gives the rank of the specified surname and its number of occurances per million names. The results are based on the findings of a University College of London project that investigated the current and historic distribution of surnames in Great Britain.
  Alternatively you may wish to purchase Archer Software's Surname Atlas which generates distribution maps for all of the surnames and forenames found in the 1881 census. The CD can be purchased from Archer Software for £12 (including postage and packing in the UK).
This page last updated: 19 July 2011