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Brushmakers - Society of Brushmakers Descendants

    Railway Staff - London and North Western Railway Society - this railway society welcomes family historians to its Staff History Group - the LNWR served London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds - it also served Bletchley, Crewe, Stafford, Wigan and Carlisle and the railway handled the Irish Mail for the Government between Euston and Holyhead
  Miscellaneous Families in British India Society
    Romany & Traveller Family History Society


    Roman Catholic
  Single Surname
  • The Guild of One-Name Studies society caters for family historians researching all occurrences of a particular surname. It maintains an online register of one-name studies, produces a quarterly journal, holds meetings in the United Kingdom, and operates a world-wide discussion forum
  • Although not strictly a society as such, the UK Genealogy Interests Directory facilitates contact between family historians researching the same surnames in the UK or Ireland.
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