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East Anglia

  Tracing your East Anglian Ancestors (paperback)
  This informative and very readable book will help you to trace your ancestors in the counties of East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex). It starts with a general introduction to the region's history and geography and then proceeds to focus on different aspects of its past, tracing the life stories of those from all backgrounds who shaped the region's development over the centuries. Helpfully each chapter has sections on where to find more information about each subject covered. In all, a very useful guide for those researching their East Anglian ancestors.
  Author Gill Blanchard
  Published 2009
  Purchase online direct from the publishers at Pen & Sword (for £12.99)
  Tracing your Yorkshire Ancestors (paperback)
  Yorkshire, has always been a law until itself, not least when it comes to genealogical research. England's largest county contains numerous archives and it can be a minefield knowing which one is likely to have the information you are seeking. Rachel Bellerby's guide comprehensively explores and explains the many archives from the smallest to the large research centres. This is an invaluable aid in resolving the inevitable complications you will come across in researching your Yorkshire ancestors.
  Author Rachel Bellerby
  Published 2007
  Purchase online direct from the publishers at Pen & Sword (for £8.00)
  Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland and Westmoreland
  Tracing your Northern Ancestors (paperback)
  This informative guide focuses on the far north of England covering Northumberland, Tyneside, Durham, Wearside, Tees Valley and Cumbria. The author strikes a good balance between providing a practical reference guide and covering the social history of the area. The book is structured around social themes with the first section concentrating on industry, the second section exploring religion, government, the military, education, dialect, diet and leisure and the last section migration within the region. The last section is a bit too sparse but the rest of the book is packed full with useful information. This guide is well worth obtaining if your ancestors lived or passed through the far north of England.
  Author Keith Gregson
  Published 2007
  Purchase online direct from the publishers at Pen & Sword (for £9.99)
  Tracing your Liverpool Ancestors (paperback)
  This informative guide introduces readers to the wealth of material available on the history of Liverpool and its people, including suburban areas and Wirral. It traces the rise of Liverpool through shipping, manufacturing and trade from the original fishing village to the urban conurbation of today. The book describes shows how the lives of Liverpudlians have changed over the centuries and how this is reflected in the records that have survived. This book is a useful guide to anyone researching their Liverpudlian ancestors.
  Author Mike Rowden
  Published 2010
  Purchase online direct from the publishers at Pen & Sword (for £13.59)
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