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Comprehensive Overall Guide

  Ancestral Trails (paperback version)
  Suited to both beginners and experienced family historians, this weighty book (it contains over 800 pages) guides the researcher with a comprehensive and detailed view of records and published sources available. It is written in a very informative and non-patronising way and the sheer quantity and quality of information is very impressive.
  Author Mark Herber
  Published 2006
  Purchase online at (for £19.95)
  Overcoming Research Brickwalls
  Smart Family History
  A concise and informative guide to breaking through brickwalls in your family history research. The strength of this book lies in its well explained methodology and tips on where to look when the usual lines of research have been exhausted. There is a wealth of intelligent advice on looking deeper within or beyond the standard census and civil registration searches.
  Author Geoff Swinfield
  Published 2006
  Purchase online at (for £6.95)
  Medieval Period Research
  Medieval Genealogy
  A very useful book on tracing ancestors past the 1600s into the medieval period. It provides a clear and comprehensive guide to the wealth of records available and the techniques needed to find and understand them.
  Author Paul Chambers
  Published 2005
  Purchase online at Amazon (for £18.99)
  Tracing Living Relations
  People Finder
  The author of this book runs a specialist living persons search agency and her background in counseling underpins this publication. She is keen to stress the emotional context of this kind of research. This book comprehensively covers the various sources (directory enquiries, electoral roll, email directories, search engines, message boards, etc.). Although family historians are normally urged to work backwards, the author specialise in working forwards to trace living descendants. The scope of this book is inevitably more diffuse than genealogy alone.
  Author Karen Bali
  Published 2007
  Purchase online at Amazon (for £6.49)
  DNA Research
  Family History in the Genes

This book goes a long way to demystifying the subject of DNA and making the concept of using DNA analysis more accessible to family historians. This clear, concise guide shows how the use of genetics can help family historians link people with the same surname and unravel family relationships. It offers practical advice on the DNA tests available.

  Author Chris Pomery
  Published 2007
  Purchase online at Amazon (for £5.99) or at the Society of Genealogists Online Shop (for £7.99)
  Making Sense of the Census Revisited
  If you are looking for a guide to the censuses from 1801 to 1901 it would be difficult to find a more thorough and comprehensive one than this. The tone may be a little dry and scholarly at times but the content is invaluable.
  Author Edward Higgs
  Published 2007
  Purchase online at National Archives Bookshop (for £12.00)
  Wills and Other Probate Records

This book comprehensively covers wills and other probate records. This valuable source of genealogical information can seem complex, particularly those scattered records relating to pre 1858 wills which were administrated in a network of church courts. This well written book makes sense of the records and the institutions to approach as well as the indexes and internet resources increasingly available.

  Authors Karen Grannum and Nigel Taylor
  Published 2004
  Purchase online at National Archives Bookshop (for £14.99)
  Searching for Surnames

This helpful guide takes a step-by-step approach to surname identification. It includes a series of surname 'surgeries' and case studies that illustrate various techniques for finding the meaning of a surname.

  Author John Titford
  Published 2002
  Purchase online at National Archives Bookshop (for £11.95)
  Discovering Heraldry

This useful book makes understanding heraldry relatively straightforward. It describes and illustrates heraldic terms in simple language and covers the basic principles so the reader is able to understand with relative ease both what a coat of arms consists of and what are the rules for governing its arrangement.

  Author Jacqueline Fearn
  Published 2006
  Purchase online at Amazon (for £4.79) or at the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Online Shop (for £5.99)
  Family History on the Move
  An excellent guide to migration both into and out of the UK. The first half of this book focuses on inward migration from the Huguenots right through to Asian and Caribbean immigration. The second half concentrates on outward migration to North America, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the commonwealth.
  Authors Roger Kershaw and Mark Pearsall
  Published 2006
  Purchase online at Amazon (for £5.59) or at the National Archives Bookshop (for £6.99)
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