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  Tracing your Labour Movement Ancestors (paperback)
  There can be few people who, in researching their family history, do not find at least one active trade union member. This guide describes in detail the various books, museums, archives, websites and other resources that researchers can use to get information on their ancestors connected with the labour movement. This book provides a helpful insight into the key stages in the development of labour relations - the battles fought by labour movement pioneers, the formation of the first unions, the influence of Chartism and the early socialist societies and the rise of the Labour Party. Thoroughout the guide the sources for the various records are clearly set out.
  Author Mark Crail
  Published 2009
  Purchase online direct from the publishers at Pen & Sword (for £12.99)
  Tracing your Pauper Ancestors (paperback)
  This unique book provides a useful guide to documents and records that family researchers can use to their trace their pauper ancestors. It identifies relevant records, indicates where they can be found, and offers essential advice on how this information can be used to piece together the lives of ancestors affected by poverty. It includes a very informative history of pauperism and of poor relief.
  Author Robert Burlison
  Published 2009
  Purchase online direct from the publishers at Pen & Sword (for £12.99)
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