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There are literally hundreds of books of interest to family historians ranging from introductory beginner guides to highly specialised publications focusing on a particular aspect of genealogical research.

This section of the web site lists books we recommend in the following categories:



  • Books ideally suited to those who are just starting to trace their ancestors

Military Ancestors

  • Books aimed at helping tracing ancestors who served in the forces in peacetime or war


  • Books geared to providing help in tracing ancestors engaged in particular occupations such as agricultural labourers, lawyers, merchant seaman, etc.

Record Keeping

  • Books on organising and writing up your family history
  • Reference books covering genealogical terminology, surname origins, National Archive sources, translating latin documents, interpreting old handwriting, etc.
  • Books focusing on genealogical sources within specific regions of England and Wales

Religious Groups

  • Books covering ancestral records connected with specific religious groups or denominations (Jews, Salvation Army, Baptists, Congregationalists, etc.)

Research Guides

  • Research guides covering a wide range of areas such as DNA, census returns, wills, tracing living relatives, heraldry, migration and the like
  Social Groups
  • Books focusing on ancestors associated with particular social groups (paupers, nobility, working class, etc.)
This page last updated: 13 January 2010