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  What is CARN ? CARN, which stands for County Archives Research Network, is a group of record offices that provide a uniform readers ticket that is used to gain admission to any local authority archive within the scheme - the vast majority of record offices are members of the CARN readers ticket scheme
  Where issued ? At any record office within the scheme
  When issued ? On your first visit to a record office within the scheme
  Cost ? Free of charge
  Validity period ? 4 years
  Issue requirements ? You must apply in person bringing official proof of identity validating your name with permanent address and signature. You may also be asked to provide 2 passport sized photographs.

Examples of documents that could contain the details required include (you may have to bring a combination of two to show name, permanent address and signature):

    - Driving licence (name, address and signature)
- Foreign passport (name and signature)
- Bank statement (name and address)
- Building society passbook (only if the address is included)
- Pension/benefit book (name and address)
- NHS medical card (the address is not always included)
- Disabled person's registration (name and address)
- Own vehicle registration documents (name and address)
- National Archives' readers ticket (but need second ID proof)
- Credit/debit /cheque guarantee cards (name and signature)
This page last updated: 28 September 2008